India`s only Spritual and Cultural TV
With Blessings of Haridas Ji


ADHYATM TV is not only a TV channel ,it is an ocean of Knowledge of Sabhyata, Sanskriti, Parampara of India.All the members of Adhyatm Parivaar are sea of knowledge in themselves .They spent their whole time in acquiring knowledge regarding spiritualism .People can take the advantage of these knowledge ADHYATM TV is the combined effort of visionaries and maestros from Various fields, whose concern to salvage the cultural and religious.ADHYATM TV strives to re-integrate into our social fabric.

The new age renaissance of spiritual movement with even the youth swinging in , to exploring the inner dimension has lead to a renewed interest in spirituality in modern times. The urban youth is open to looking for spiritual alternatives to solve their inner turbulence like never before. This upward trend of spiritual temper in urban India has insured that devotional channel is not limited to Sunday mornings or limited to the elderly. Raising up to the recent urban inclination Adhyatm TV initiates the telecast of traditional wealth and spiritual knowledge 24/7.

ADHYATM TV aims at being a leader in setting new benchmarks for the Spiritual, social and religious serving media sectors. The channel Envisages a vision to achieve a global platform and a hub of Socio-spiritual convergence, with a focused agenda of enriching lives and being an active player in global development.

  •  We target in bringing all its viewers closer to a better and Improved mind and body bringing in a better life.
  • We are in the serving of people and our channel offers solutions on every subject for common man and the elite alike.
  •  It is a sincere effort on our part to help create a good human being, a good family, a good society, a good nation and thus a good world to live in .