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Rakshaabandhan (26 AUG 2018)

According to a Hindu Panchaang, every year of the month of Shravan month is celebrated. Due to celebration in Shravan (Savan), it is also said that Shravani (Sawani) or Saloono also say that this festival is the most important importance of Rakhi or Nakshatra in the defense of the brother’s love affair.

 From raw materials such as rakhi raw yarn to colorful kalva, silk thread, and gold or silver item. Rakhi usually binds the brothers only, but the Brahmins, the Gurus and the families honored by the little girls in the family also attach to it.
In the story called Vamnavatar in Skandha Purana, Padmapuraan and Shrimadbhavat, the context of protection is taken; the story is like this: – When the demon king Raja sacrificed 100 yagya and tried to snatch the kingdom of heaven, then the goddess Indra prayed to Lord Vishnu. . Then Lord Waman took the embodiment of Brahmin and took a beggar from King Bali.
Even after refusing the guru, Bali donated three pounds of land. God sheds all the sky in three steps and sends the King Bali into the abyss. Thus, due to Lord Vishnu shattering the pride of the sacrifice King, this festival is also famous as the Balave.
. It is said that once Baali went into the abyss, Bali took the pledge of being in front of God with the help of his devotion. Narad ji, told to Lakshmi ji, who was disturbed by not returning to the house of God, as a remedy. Following that measure, Lakshmi ji went to Raja Bali and made her brother by tying up her defense and took her husband Bhagwan Bali with him. That day was the full moon day of the month of Shravan. In one episode of Vishnu Purana, it has been said that Lord Vishnu, on the full moon day of Shravan, incarnated in the form of Haigriva and had received the Vedas again for Brahma. Hygriv is considered a symbol of wisdom and intelligence.

The festival of defense has been a cultural and cultural measure of social unity or family unity. After marriage, sister goes to paraya house. This pretext does not go away every year to his relatives, but to the brothers in remote relations, he goes to his house and ties the rakhis and thus renews his relationship. Two families and clans have mutual yoga (union). This festival is also used in the form of unity among different sections of the society. Thus, the link which has broken down can be awakened again. On special occasions, some special dishes are also made such as Ghevar, Shakarpare, Salt Pare, and Duvani. Gavar is a special sweetener of saawan, it only makes confectioners, while shakarpare and saltpay are usually made in the house. Black gram is boiled and roasted for making dough. Eat it with whole and curd. Halva and Kheer are also popular dishes of this festival.