India`s only Spritual and Cultural TV
With Blessings of Haridas Ji


Adhyatm parivar aims to be a flagship channel of our very ancient Indian culture heading towards an identity crises with cross cultural Influences. Adhyatm TV is intent on exploring all aspects of spiritual wisdom that empowers life to blossom and seek ones life’s purpose. The programmes on Adhyatm TV range from Bhajans , Kirtans , Aartis, Aradhanas, Yoga and Spiritual discourses by reputed saints in the perspective of a healthy body and mind and character building

(Varied aspects like yoga, scriptural knowledge , mantras for daily living, a peek into the lives of inspirational spiritual personalities, spiritual events , talks, live katha relay , festival specifics, important places of worship in India ,appreciation of Indian music and dance , messages from various Himalayan sages , serials based on ancient puranas, Adhyatm news,personality development on ethical grounds for the youth, appreciation of Indian Music and Dance and Sanskrit knowledge, spiritual and religious events live Telecasts will be carried out with a well equipped and trained Production crew handling the production with the latest equipment.) OptionalThere will be a definite thrust towards researching on Braj as the Primal spiritual destination and seat of Bhakti. Braj kshetra is laden with rasik sahitya ideally suited to generate bhakhti bhaav in the hearts of the people. Special emphasis on Braj and its aradhana of Bihariji will be given. In short Adhyatm TV is ever willing to explore And evolve making TV viewing a whole new and wholesome experience.