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Nag Panchami (15 AUGUST 2018)

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Nag Panchami (15 AUGUST 2018)  In Hinduism, many big small creatures are worshiped, one of which is serpent means snake. Nag is the place of deity in Hindu religion and the festival of Nag Panchami is celebrated for the worship of camels. Nag is one of those mountains of Panchami Hindus, the big one is celebrated with reverence. Panchami Naksha is celebrated as the Panch Panchami on the fifth day of the Shukla party of the Sawan month. On this day, the serpent goddess serpent is worshiped. n which the bath with serpent milk has a special significance. Generally, Nag Panchami comes only after 2 days of Hariyali Teej. Which falls in the months of July and August every year. At the festival of Nag Panchami, women pray to Goddess Dev and pray to protect their brothers and families.

(Nag Panchami story)

In ancient times, Sethji had seven sons. The seven were married. The wife of the youngest son was the admirant and gentleman of the best character, but his brother was not there. One day the elder daughter-in-law asked all the wives of the elders to walk with the yellow clay to take the house, then all the daliya (Khari and Mujhun’s small size Basket) and digging the soil with a ropes. Then there a snake came out, which the big daughter-in-law started to kill with a hoof. Seeing this, the younger daughter-in-law stopped him saying, ‘Do not kill it?’ This poor innocent is innocent. ‘The elder daughter-in-law did not kill him after listening, then the serpent would go towards one side. Then the younger daughter-in-law said to her- ‘We come back now, you do not go from here. By saying this, he took the soil with everyone and went home and forgot the promise made by the snake trapped in the work there.  When he remembered that thing the next day, he came there with all the help and saw the snake sitting at that place, and said, “Snake brother!” The serpent said – ‘You have said a brother, so leave you, otherwise you are screwed because of saying a false thing. That quote – brother forgot me, I apologize, then said the snake – Well, you have been my sister since today and I am your brother. Ask whatever you want, ask for it. That quote- brother! I have no one, it is good that you became my brother. After some days, the snake came to his house by keeping the form of a human being and said, ‘Send my sister to me.’ Everyone said that ‘he had no brother, then he said – I am his brother in a distant relationship, he went out in my childhood only. On receiving his trust, the people of the house sent the little ones with him.


He said in the way, ‘I am the serpent right there, so do not be scared and hold my asking where there is difficulty in walking. He did just as he said and thus he reached his house. She was amazed at seeing the wealth of hers. One day the serpent’s mother said to her – ‘I am going out of a job, you give your brother a cold milk. He did not care about this and gave him hot milk, in which his face was bleak. Seeing this, the serpent’s mother became very angry. But silent on the interpretation of the snake Then the snake said that the sissy should now be sent to his house. Then the snake and his father gave him a lot of gold, silver, jewels, clothes and etc to reach his house. After seeing so many funds, the elder daughter-in-law told the jealousy- Brother is very rich, to bring you even more money needed. When the snake heard this word, he brought everything to gold. Seeing this, the elder daughter-in-law said, ‘They should also have a broom of dust’. Then the snake brought the broom to sleep. Sarp gave the younger daughter-in-law a wonderful necklace of diamonds. The Queen of that country also praised her and she said to the king that the defeat of Seth’s younger daughter-in-law should come here. The king instructed the minister that he would soon be present with this defeat and the minister went to Sethji and said that ‘Maharaniji will wear a small bahu’s neck, give him and give me’. Sethji gave a dilemma because of fear and gave it to the younger daughter-in-law. The little daughter-in-law felt this thing very bad, she remembered her snake brother and prayed on arrival- brother! The queen has taken away the defeat, you should do something like that when the necklace remains in her neck, until it becomes a snake, and when she returns to me, then become the diamonds and beads. The serpent did exactly that. As soon as the Queen wore a necklace, she became a snake. Seeing this, the queen started crying and crying. Seeing this, the king sent a news to Seth that send the youngest daughter-in-law immediately. Sethji was afraid that the king would not know what to do? They present themselves along with the younger daughter-in-law. The king asked the younger daughter-in-law, what magic did you do, I will punish you. Little sister-in-law: Rajan! Forgive ungratefulness, the defeat is such that the diamond and the beads are in my neck and the serpent becomes in the neck of the other. Upon hearing this, the king made a snake and gave it to him and said – Dress it now and show it. The younger daughter-in-law soon became worn as soon as she worn it. Seeing this, the king became convinced of his point of view and pleased him and offered him many postures too. The little he returned home with his necklace and these. Seeing her wealth, the elder daughter-in-law taught her husband due to jealousy that the daughter-in-law has got money from somewhere. Upon hearing this, her husband called her wife and said – Tell me exactly who gives this wealth to you? Then he started remembering the serpent. At that time the serpent appeared and said – If I doubt my conduct will show suspicion, then I will eat it. The husband of the daughter-in-law was very pleased to hear this and she felicitated the serpent god. From that day, the festival of Nagpanchami is celebrated and women worship the snake as a brother and worship him.     On this day, various forms of serpent deities are worshiped in traditional ways in India. This saawan is considered to be one of the important days of the month. It is believed that worshiping the serpent god on Nag Panchami day gives a lot of benefit to the person. And anyway the serpent is considered as Shiva’s throat ornament. Thus, the importance of Nag Panchami of the Saawan month increases even more. On this day 12 forms of serpents are worshiped and on this day many deities are pleased with worshiping the serpent. According to religious beliefs, worshiping the serpent is very virtuous. Humans have found the virtue of Nag. The poison of Nag creates the protection of the Nag, its protection protects the environment.