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LOHARI FESTIVAL (13 January 2019)

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LOHARI FESTIVAL (13 January 2019)

It is to be known from the tradition and customs associated with Lohri that the Praghiya Gathas are also associated with this, Lohri is a popular Punjabi folk festival which is celebrated mainly by Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab every year on 13th January. This day falls on the last night of Push Month and the eve of Makar Sankranti. It is also seen as a sign of the arrival of winter and spring. The Lohri festival is associated with the weaving and cutting of rabi crops. Farmers today devote the fire to the crops such as maize, sesame, wheat, mustard, gram etc. and express gratitude to God.

Why Lohadi is celebrated –

This fire is lit in remembrance of Sage’s Yogagni-Dahan, daughter of King Daksha Prajapati. On this occasion, the daughters of the marriage are sent from the mother’s house to ‘festival’ (garments, sweets, ravdis, faladi). At the time of sacrifice, the atonement of the masterpiece of Prajapati can not be seen in the presence of his Jamata Shiva. In the Purvanchal of Uttar Pradesh, ‘Khichadwar’ and ‘Pongal’ of South India – which are celebrated near ‘Lohari’ – are invited to the daughters


On the evening of Lohri, people sing folklore with love and brotherhood, and they are orbiting a fire in the open space by the wood and the oven. Dance, bhangra and gidda are also seen along with drums and drums. Sitting around the fire, the rewdi, gajak and peanuts are enjoyed. And they are distributed to all the people in the form of offerings. Lohri is celebrated very much in a house where a new marriage or child is born.


20-25 days before Lohadi, children and girls sing the folk songs of ‘Lohri’ and gather wood and orchards. The accumulated material is lit by fire at an intersection or an open area of the mohalla. The people of the village or the village collect the posture around the fire. By dealing with the work of home and business, each family revolves around the fire. Rewadi (and elsewhere, the roasted grain of maize) is presented to fire and these things are distributed to all attendees in the form of offerings. While returning home, there is a tradition of bringing two four looted coal, Prasad, of ‘Lohri’ at home.


Lohri festival is considered as the main festival of the Punjabis and the Harayani people. This festival of Lohri is celebrated in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir and Himanchal with fame and Hasho zombies