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Holi is a major festival of Indian society

Festivals and festivals have been of considerable significance in Indian culture since ancient times. The biggest feature of our culture is that all the festivals celebrated here increase the love, unity and goodwill among the people by establishing human qualities in the society. Festivals and festivals in India are of no relation to any caste, religion, language or region. The feeling behind all the festivals celebrated here is to provide prosperity to human dignity. This is the reason that people of all faiths celebrate in festivals and festivals celebrated in India together with respect. Holi is a major festival of Indian society, whose people are eagerly awaiting.   

The combustion of ‘Holika’ is considered the symbol of the end of all evils of the society Holi is one of the oldest festivals of India. There is a similarity in every story of Holi that there has been talk of celebrating ‘the victory of truth on falsehood’ and ‘victory of virtue over evil’ in it. Thus Holi is primarily a festival of joy and fame. It is a folk festival with a victory over the evil of good, victory over the evil of virtue and the end of all evils in the society. It is believed that on holi, people forget each other’s throats by forgetting old bitterness and animosity, and then they become friends. This popular festival of Raga-Rang is also the messenger of Spring. 

Holi is celebrated as a great festival in remembrance of the context of ‘devotion and devotion to the Lord’.  It is recognized as the reason for celebrating the Holi festival that in the ancient times, a very powerful and proud monkey named Hiranyakashipu began to consider himself as God. Hiranyakshyap had banned the name of God in his kingdom. Prahalad son of Hiranyakashipu was the supreme devotee of God. After being angry with God’s devotion to God, Hiranyakaship gave him many harsh punishments, but the devotee Prahlad did not leave the path of devotion to God. Hiranyakaship’s sister Holika had a boon that she could not be consumed in the fire. On the order of Hiranyakshyap, he took his lap and sat in the fire with the intention of killing Holika Prahlad. But after sitting in the fire, Holika burned up but God devotee Prahlad survived. Thus, the destruction of the Holika and the recollection of the incarnation of devotion and allegiance to the devotee of Prahlad, this great festival The festival of Holi is the festival of Lord Krishna in love and continuous increase in the unshakable faith of Lord Vishnu.  

 Holi is the festival of colors, this festival is a festival of laughter, but today many forms of Holi are also seen. The use of chemical colors at the place of natural colors, rather than dissolving, rather than drunkenness and folk music, the trend of film songs is somewhat modern. In earlier times people used to play Holi with tesu and natural colors. At present, people have filled the market with chemical colors in a competition to earn more money. In fact the chemical colors are very harmful to our skin. Due to the exposure of these chemicals to whiteness, varnish, paint, grease, charcoal etc. it increases the risk of itching and allergies, so we should take precautions before playing Holi. We should return to the natural colors while maintaining the tradition of sandalwood, rose water, tusso flowers, and the tradition of playing Holi with natural colors.  

The main purpose of the Holi festival is only for human welfare.The religious beliefs, myths, traditions and historical events are hidden behind the Holi festival, but ultimately the objective of this festival is human well-being. In folk music, dance, drama, folklore, story-stories and even idioms, there is a glimpse of the hidden rituals, beliefs and interesting aspects behind Holi.