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LOHARI FESTIVAL (13 January 2019)

LOHARI FESTIVAL (13 January 2019) It is to be known from the tradition and customs associated with Lohri that the Praghiya Gathas are also associated with this, Lohri is a popular Punjabi folk festival which is celebrated mainly by Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab every year on 13th January. This day falls on the last … Continue reading LOHARI FESTIVAL (13 January 2019)


MAKAR  SANKRANTI (14 JANUARY 2018) The festival of Makar Sankranti is one of the main festivals of Hindu religion, which is celebrated on the successor of the sun. The special feature of this festival is that it is celebrated on 14th January every year, not on different dates, like other festivals, when the sun passes … Continue reading MAKAR SANKRANTI (14 JANUARY 2018)

basant panchami
Vasant Panchami (10 February 2019)

Vasant Panchami (10 February 2019) Panchami date of the Shukla Paksha of Magh Mass is celebrated as Vasant Panchami. Vasant Panchami or Shreepanchami is a Hindu festival. On this day Saraswati is worshiped Goddess of learning. Believe that the power of day-to-day power came in human beings. On this day children are taught to write … Continue reading Vasant Panchami (10 February 2019)


HOLI  FESTIVSL. ( 20 MARCH 2019) Holi is a major festival of Indian society Festivals and festivals have been of considerable significance in Indian culture since ancient times. The biggest feature of our culture is that all the festivals celebrated here increase the love, unity and goodwill among the people by establishing human qualities in … Continue reading HOLI FESTIVSL. ( 20 MARCH 2019)

Baisakhi (14 APRIL 2018)

  Baisakhi (14 APRIL 2018) Baisakhi is celebrated as an important mountain in Hinduism. After celebrating this festival, the festival celebrated as a New Year’s motion is celebrated as Baski. Chagha celebrated this month as the month of Baisakh for two months from April 14. The first month has started from March 30, which will … Continue reading Baisakhi (14 APRIL 2018)