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About Us
Spirituality is a part of globalization drive today as much as science and economy.India is known to be the sacred land of spiritual treasure, the karma Bhoomi. Probably this is the only patch on earth that abounds with spiritual richness, so much so, that spirituality has become the identity quotient of the Indian race worldwide. Spirituality is coexistence of all faiths and religions in harmony in this secular country. our culture is etched on the lines of scientific parameters as stipulated by our shastras and puranas from the Vedic ages.
About Adhyatm Tv
Adhyatm TV is a full time religious, devotional and spiritual television channel of India .In these days of electronic media boom, there is no better alternative than the television channel to reach out to millions of viewers pan India /abroad. To the Indian’s living abroad, the channel is a link between them and their spiritual base.Adhyatm TV comes as the finest option and solution for all those who wish to join the stream of spreading spiritual awareness to the masses. Adhyatm TV , the power packed channel reaches to more than 50 million (Please specify the reach ) households India/abroad.
Adhyatm parivar aims to be a flagship channel of our very ancient Indian culture heading towards an identity crises with cross cultural Influences. Adhyatm TV is intent on exploring all aspects of spiritual wisdom that empowers life to blossom and seek ones life’s purpose. The programmes on Adhyatm TV range from Bhajans , Kirtans , Aartis, Aradhanas, Yoga and Spiritual discourses by reputed saints in the perspective of a healthy body and mind and character building.
Vision & Mission
ADHYATM TV is not only a TV channel ,it is an ocean of Knowledge of Sabhyata, Sanskriti, Parampara of India.All the members of Adhyatm Parivaar are sea of knowledge in themselves .They spent their whole time in acquiring knowledge regarding spiritualism .People can take the advantage of these knowledge ADHYATM TV is the combined effort of visionaries and maestros from Various fields, whose concern to salvage the cultural and religious.ADHYATM TV strives to re-integrate into our social fabric.
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