India`s only Spritual and Cultural TV
With Blessings of Haridas Ji


    • Adhyatm TV is a full time religious, devotional and spiritual television channel of India which reaches out to millions of viewers in India and across the globe. To the Indian’s living abroad, the channel is a link between them and their spiritual base. Adhyatm TV explores the mystical dimension of the inner self which is all about Atma Gyan . This is attained by integrating the energies of the body, mind and heart to seek out the seat of the soul.
    • The Soul being indestructible and immortal in nature, it can be sought only through Adhyatm (spiritually) that decodes the mystical dimension of the primordial inner self .The very purpose of human life is to realize the ultimate truth of this very absolute atman.
    • Adhyatm is beyond all religions yet containing all religions.
    • Adhyatm is beyond all science yet containing all science.
    • Adhyatm is beyond all philosophy yet containing all philosophy

“Spirituality is as much a part of the globalization drive today as science and economy. India is the sacred land of spiritual treasure, the karma bhoomi. Probably this is the only patch on earth that   abounds with such spiritual richness, so much so that spirituality has become a part of the Indian identity worldwide.”

Adhyatm parivaar has spared no effort to clinch all elements that are needed to make for a better living. In this endeavour the channel focuses on covering ancient Sat Sanatan Dharm, Vedic period, Yoga Gurus and Spiritual Guru’s of modern India.

  • Adhyatm Television channel was launched by Sneh Broadcasting Networks Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2011 . The channel is devoted to the Indian philosophy, religious values and the spiritual solidarity